Feature Requests

Mini Games for other businesses (3)
Chat location phone fix (13)
Sharing Inventory (8)
Request to help the businesses see where they stand (7)
Email Inbox Filtering (2)
Display sequence of companies (2)
Orders & Shipping Organization (2)
Price Per Model (4)
Multi selection in ad auction (4)
Have you ever considered (5)
"Traffic Light" info on summary screen (2)
Hiring Players to Operate Businesses (4)
Number of Players have reduced (4)
Purchase of Own Products (4)
Restriction on offer quantity - Direct Sale (4)
Cancelling partially filled orders (11)
Ability to see/cancel current direct orders (6)
Ability to hide images in advertisements (2)
A thanks and a see you later (6)
Dynamic Business Costs (3)
Ability to make capital investments in a business (7)
Increase Competition by making the Retail Market Smaller (4)
Annual / Quarterly Reports (3)
Daily Report email should include a link to the login page (4)
Direct Mail Selection (2)
Automatic Dividend Payments (5)
Advertising - expected visibility (5)
A small list of change requests (8)
Startup - Retail vs Manufacturing (6)
Get a real human to record the voice in the tutorial (4)