Transportation idea assistant

For the transport biz, i can setup routes just fine. But i have no way to SEE the routes, and know if there is any competition on the route.
Idea is to have a way to ‘fake item send from a to b’ and have it pull up the shipping window. i’d like to know that i have 4 duplicate routes… or the route i thought i setup, isnt active… or its showing, but no credits! (shouldnt it NOT be showing without credits?)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

There is a TRANSPORATION report in Business Reports that shows you competition. Does that solve it for you?

No. (tho it will alleviate some)

(or at least no at first glance) i ll look at it closer and see.

I guess the data is there.  but...

its not easily used.    I was just thinking it would be easier to SEE the route, from a buyers/sellers perspective.
 thats how i test things, i setup my webstore product, then register a text account, buy that item, and see how it shows up etc.
maybe im too visual.


I agree, it maakes it very hard to know if you have thge sam reoutes. Also if you hvae more than one transporation business,you only can havr one tab of the business open for traansport. Or it just hosws one. It is very confusing/.

@GVW_Admin @MathewGeorghiou

What you should do aleast is to have a table of your total shipping prices seen as from the clients side. So you can see how your prices are looking like on the real market. Like comapring it to the other peoples instead of going to the open market to see. Sometimes you odnt’ have that product to check.

Thank you