Sending money - Sooner!

I feel like the minimum time required for direct transfers is really long, I would like it to be shorter or maybe based on BxP only.

The reason is because I need to issue a refund through my ad agency and am unable to do so… I guess I can steal the money and wait to get sued? If GV admin are able to perform a direct transfer in this one circumstance that would be really helpful but I still think there needs to be a way to do this at an earlier point in the game.

Thanks GV!

This is a tough one for us because the funds transfer restriction was put in place to minimize or stop unfair gameplay by not allowing players to create multiple accounts and send the free startup money to their main accounts. The more we loosen the requirements, the greater the likelihood that it will be used for unfair purposes.

Regarding lawsuits, if you agree you owe the money but cannot pay it back yet because of limitations in the game, but promise to do so when you are allowed, then a lawsuit is not going to succeed.