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News about GoVenture World from the game designers.


Report gameplay and technical bugs.

Gameplay Questions

Ask and answer gameplay questions that are not clearly answered in the USER GUIDE or in-game HELP.

Solutions to Common Problem

This category is for viewing only. Players cannot add or comment on it.

Feature Requests

Share your ideas on how we can improve the game.

Help Us With These Tasks

Our player community is amazing, helping us fix bugs and improve the gameplay. Some players have asked if they could help even more, so we set up this thread to make it easy to share the help that we need and for players to choose the tasks they would like to do. If you are up for helping, review the tasks below and add comments when you have completed them. At some point in the future, we will give our helpers some type of in-game reward to show our appreciation for your extra effort!

GoVenture World GOVERNMENT

Government news related to the Courts, Trademark Office, Competition Bureau, and more. Players may also request investigations here. Read ABOUT for details.