Emergency funds

What do you do when a player orders your goods, you send them and then they reset and go a different path(new business). While still owing you money.

Here’s a solution

I recommend having a program that grants businesses emergency funds so they can fund and expand business to earn more profit and eventually fund theirselves. There is a line called businesses in risk for bankruptcy. The line should require businesses to have under 150,000 g money in hand and has been this way for a sufficient time to prevent exploiting this feature to gain cash on a method that violates the fair play. The line should also make sure there is no recent big shipment that the business that is probably profiting from. Also there should be program officers that check each business to check if they meat requirements and make sure they aren’t concealing and/or exploiting anything to gain cash in a method that is NOT fair play. They could received yearly or monthly or a one time payment of g money determined enough by goventure admins and mods. This should solve the debt problem and make resets more uncommon as that means less debt that are unpaid by reseted businesses.

Most resets are just done by alts, as for the officers checking every singles account. That’s just time consuming, being realistic this is a dead game with about 30-70 real players with tons of alts. It’d just be a waste of time to do all of that and honestly you shouldn’t ever go into debt if you’re just starting out.

A few notes to help:

  • The game already provides players with a small line of credit when they run out of cash.

  • Players can request loans from banks, so we will not be implementing any type of grant financing or other such financing as that would be time consuming and not realistic.

  • The resets are not primarily alts (alternative accounts) — some are, but most are not. Most large online role playing games have high bounce rates where players join but don’t stay very long. Lots of players join GoVenture World and don’t stay because it is a much bigger and deeper game than they were expecting — some people expect a very light casual mobile game to pass the time, but GoVenture World is much more than that.

Good point @NineNine_Industries and @MathewGeorghiou. Imao I think using alts is not good play because the companies controlled by two users and mass product and mass buy without a negotiation. They can aalso abuse various current features that would give them a money gain. Because it is a dead game, with 30-70 true players, you should try to bring it back to being a good business stimulation again.