Automatic Dividend Payments

It would be great if you could add automatic dividends for every quarter or year and have a set percentage of profit to be the dividend. For example, I set my company to pay 10% of my profits to investors every 6 months. This would make investing in companies less risky as you could see when their payments are going to come through.

Agree with this and would like to see it set at the IPO stage.

When share issues came out there was no apparent limit to pricing and no relation to future dividends.

If a share issuer was compelled to pay out 50% of future after tax profits in dividends and dividends were paid quarterly, we would have a more active share market and something to do with our spare cash.
Oddly the only restriction seems to be that the share price can only move by 1 which kills the trading market - ie No way I’m going to sell a share I think is worth 50 for 11 and then the only way to move it is by selling one share at 11, next one at 12 etc.

Yes selling is a pain with the current issuing prices of shares. the limit is very annoying.

Yeah, there are definitely some issues with SHARE PRICES that we plan on fixing.

I’l will post the AUTO-DIVIDEND idea to see what we might be able to do.

Not really under this topic but related…
When shares are issued can we see what % of the company we are buying for our g and show the remaining equity of the company founder in the list of shareholders - number of shares 1m = 85%

Then to discourage unscrupulous operators, force a dividend payment as the only way to release funds from an individual business to the owner(s) for general use - ie separate personal available cash from company cash.

then you should be fine to release the sale price restrictions.

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In reality does not exist automatic dividends. We have a simulation, not a game here.