Feature REquest

Be able to do prime shipping of one day.
Be able to time when you hire people.
Be able to do contracts, and yeah.
Be able to send notifcations like in game mail to actual mail or phone.
The game is optimized for any screen size.
Be able to change holding company name.
More stuff you can start, like grocery, farms, and sell actual stuff. Be able to read actual company rules and stuff. Learn about companies and be able to runa offical store. A what if calcualtor. Something to caculate teh right price ot sell. A actual shopping website. LIke amzon or something like that. You can search and sell pictures and stuff. Be able to see reviews. Be able to pick prime shipping and ship. Bots understand and can read ads. Actaul tracking of where it is. Like websites where you can track and such. The applications actually look more realistic. Be able to be a employee of a manufactoring plant or retail. Partners and groups.

A better mail system .


When I am waiting for stock, I may be offline and it comes and no one is working. Have a updgrade that has taht hire when needed for a price. Once per.

Be able to change shipping company