Purchase of Own Products

If you own both a production company and a retail company, you cannot buy with your retail company inventory from the production company.

I think this setting is wrong as in real life an action as this one is possible. A person might want to do this in order to make a greater profit as you may decrease the costs of buying inventory for the retail society. You could do this buy lowering the price of the product you produce. This way the retail buys products at a lower cost and sells them at the market price increasing the profit.
It is true that you must cover the production cost of the product but as long as you keep the price of the product equals to the production cost you will make 0 profit with the production company but increase the profit of the retail company.

In real life this kind of market operation exists and helps companies make money. By not letting the users of GoVenture World do this the site blocks our mindset and our profit possibilities as well as differentiates the game from reality, thing which should not happen as the game must be the most similiar possible to reality.

This was done intentionally by the developers so players have to buy from other players. Otherwise a game like this doesn’t work.

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Hi 2000patrick,

Having the game mechanics operate in such a way will likely reduce the player interaction in GoVenture World and take away from the intended experience. I will post this for the DEV team to review.

Thank you for your suggestions.


Of course if you think laterally you can achieve this…

It may be a social issue with only one product but I don’t see the point and certainly it’s a bad restriction when you have many products…

One way you could promote user interaction without the blanket ban would be to mismatch the number of products manufactured with the number sold.

For example, right now for autos you can make 10 per game day and sell ten per game day. If you mismatch those 2 numbers (say 20 and 10) it forces players to deal with each other without blanket bans. Just a thought.

Your numer mismatch is easy to overcome. Upgrade the retail to increase sales to match the produced number of the factory. Or get 2 factory’s to supply your one retail bussines.

I agree that selling to your own retail company takes away the game.