Ad spots. some players block opportunity for all other players

Some players, just winning ad spots, but do not prepare design for it. Now we have a situation, that some players just won ad spots for g45000 and do not prepare design and they do not need to pay for it.
They just block opportunity for all other players.
My suggestion, if player would not prepare presentation, but won adspot, charge him at least half.

Players should be charged for every ad spot they win, whether they run an ad or not. Have you seen something that makes you think they are not being charged?

How they can afford so much money to spent on ad spots. :slight_smile:

Can you take a reservation fee for ad spot? For example 1/2

Hey, thanks for bringing this to our attention as we have discovered a bug with how bids are being won and we are fixing it right now. This should reduce or eliminate the unusually high bid prices we are seeing recently.

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