Returning items

I wanted to make goventure more realistic so I came up with an idea. For customers in retail stores, they could return the ideas, that mean the company’s money drop and the products in inventory goes up. I suggest goventure using a formula to determine how often customers return. Factors are such as demographic of customers, feature and quality etc. This will defiantly make goventure a more realistic business stimulation !
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Features : returning

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You should learn some more bbcode and I don’t think returns would really apply except for manufacture returns in money which is the send cash button. Otherwise realistically speaking, customers return items due to flaws/damaged not just because the quality/features are too low. At the point we buy stuff in real life we clearly wanted it. You don’t buy a new phone and say “Ew this has a home button i’m returning it”. If this was applied it’d be difficult to make situations/formulas that’d calculate the rate they’re returned.