Sponsoring companies

Larger companies or companies with more money would be able to sponsor newer and/or less developed companies. This would give the companies that are getting sponsored money to grow without the requirement of being retail/manufacturer, while the sponsor gets brand awareness or something beneficial like shares maybe.

Requirement to sponsor would be 50M equity or something high so it can’t be abused.

100 bxp awarded for sponsoring

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I like the idea except that this can be abused by companies. They mass sponsor new businesses and this can turn into a sponsor war which does not resemble a real life situation.

There would obviously be a limit as to how many companies you can sponsor and a requirement they need to meet to be sponsored so people don’t just make alts. Sponsoring is done globally by many companies so it would reflect real life situations. You can also change it from new companies to sport teams if you want to be more realistic. Sponsoring ai sport teams that use/support your brand. Even major companies like apple sponsor sports teams and race cars. So you could even expand to ai races that you can sponsor. You can change it up anyway you want but it should be added because many companies sponsor in the real world.

Automobile sponsors = races
Smartphone sponsors = gaming
Pharma sponsors = hospitals

The idea is now better.

a very good suggestion