We Will Pay You $$ for Your Video of GoVenture World!

We will pay you for your video

We want to share videos of people playing or describing GoVenture World and we are reaching out to our player community to offer you payments of up to US$50 for your video.

Here is how it works

  1. You record a video of yourself playing and/or describing GoVenture World.
  2. You submit the video to us for review to make sure it meets the guidelines.
  3. We pay you money and share your video with the world.

Program Details

Read the program details (link below) and post a comment below if you are considering submitting a video so we get an idea of how many videos we may receive. This program may end at any time so be sure to express your interest below.

>> Click here to view the program details <<

Can I ask why a video is needed so suddenly and why you don’t save the money by doing the video yourselves?

We are not sure what you mean by suddenly? This is something new we are offering to our players.

We do create our own videos as well, but we also want to share videos made by our players.

I tried looking at the details, but it says I need permission to access the document.

Also, keep the $50, I will do it to have a stake in GVW. lol :wink:

Document link is now fixed, thanks for letting us know.

We would love to be able to sell shares on the public markets some day :slight_smile:

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I am interested in making a video, but only if you tell me when the next game reset will be.

Game resets have been happening every 3 - 5 months. We provide 5-10 days advance notice of resets. There is no set date at this time.

Which of those free tools would say is the best of the three?

Some of the tools do different things. For a basic video, it will not matter.

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Awesome. I plan to send one tomorrow. Thanks!

1 last question, before I make the video. Would I be able to, instead of US dollars, get money in game?

Hmm … we would have to think about that … how much g money would you expect to be fair?

I am not sure. Since you cannot buy in-game money with real world money, it is a difficult conversion. I am not sure how much the in-game money is worth, so I would not know how much is “fair.”

By fair, we mean an amount that makes it worthwhile for a player to do the video, while at the same time not so much that it creates an unfair advantage for the player in the game.

There is no correlation between g money and real money.

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties on my device (which is VERY old), I am unable to create the videos. Lo siento, sorry, but I will be unable to participate. I really need a new computer.