Very busy Activity Report

Presumably with latest update - Activity report now showing a line for each unit sold…

This is a result of a change to make sure sales were more evenly distributed so you now see sales literally as they happen, hence the one unit at a time.

Fair enough!
I believe units sold are not being accumulated for retail businesses. EG My Liverpool Subaru has 119 million in sales revenue and only showing 25 units sold - certainly not right - just not sure how long ago it got broken.

The concurrency bug that we fixed last week was causing data errors, your sales totals on retail may have been affected. The good news is, that error has not occurred since the patch went live.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news - retail units sold have not moved for anyone on leader boards or in Portfolio for last 2 days at least

Thank you for the report, I will look into it in the morning. I will check if nothing else is broken.

I found the issue and have fixed it, unfortunately the fix will not be retroactive.