Updating photos doesn't stick!

You can save changes to profile and company info but it always reverts to default photos everytime.

I tried with Google chrome and I have also tried with mozilla firefox.

Where in the game are you trying this? Tutorial or profile page?

Profile page is where the issue occurs

Testing worked for us. Common issue is not clicking “Save” at the bottom of the page?

Did you test in Chrome? Certainly doesn’t work for me and hasn’t all round.
Just tried again, cleared cache with same result. It loads while you’re in the profile page but disappears again as soon as you leave it.

EDIT: and yes I saved changes at bottom of page…

Could you try Edge for us please? We are trying to narrow down on the cause. Thank you.

The Dev team has identified the issue causing this and the issue should be resolved.

Sorry for not checking back. Issue resolved without me having to reload…

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Good to hear. Thank you.