Underwrite for a stock

I was the underwriter for a stock.
it sold out… but now i have no record of it?
(does it delete off of the list? if so, why doesnt the Bond ones as well?)

(i still see the SCORE that i did the stock option, but its not in my list)

What stocks are you looking for that are missing?

According to the database they have only issued bonds for JohnDeere. No stocks were underwritten.

Thats the weird part. I know i did a stock. lal or … i forget name, (wasnt lambert that was something else) lulg? someone else has the exact same stock up, but alot more shares listed for $35. I cant be going that crazy… maybe it was lambert, i bought shares of it after release, and one of the times i went to buy more, it had changed. (and maybe lamberts changed again? before it said underwritten by ‘Investments’ now it says 'vo…"
maybe i am going crazy… (but i remember thinking wohoo i got 1 of each done for bank stuff) …

Maybe ill just go talk to myself in this other room? lol. no idea.

It showed up again. (but its not in my company numbers)
For Lush lushawl
date 10/27 y4 168

  • and now it showed up in my back end…
    (i just did another stock, which isnt showing up atm)