TypeError JavaScript on Tablet

There is an error that prevents me from hitting the “Reply”, “Close”, “Delete”, “Send”, “Save As Draft” buttons

The Dev Team are unable to recreate this problem. It looks like you are using Firefox 56 or Chrome (version?) Have you flushed the cache?

@GVW_Admin, I am on Firefox. I have flushed the cache and the buttons still does nothing. It’s there…just doesn’t allow me to click them…

@Lifeline_Inc , Can you share what version of Firefox you are using? The Dev Team are still are unable to recreate this problem.

And maybe you could share some screen captures of the screen where you are getting the issue. We would like to see what it looks like when you are trying to click.

Firefox 56.0.2 (64-bit)


@srolls, it still does the same thing. I looked at the Web Console (it won’t let me reply still; doing the same thing) and there are 3 new errors.

The weird part is…it was working last week and I haven’t made any changes to the settings on my PC or to the browser itself.

If it helps, it’s just the buttons on the mail viewing screen. The rest of the buttons work like on the “Home” button and clicking to view emails. It’s just the “close” and “reply” and “Delete” kind of buttons that it’s not letting me click.

@GVW_Admin @srolls, I ended up clearing cache a second time because it apparently didn’t clear everything the first time (which was weird). But the buttons now work :slight_smile:

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Great to here. Cache is a real headache.

have same issue, when deleting messages or anything, keeps fading to grey so i can not click anything,

So i have to hard reset the mail and reopen the mail again…

deleting mail ATM is really hard anyways so i just open the ones i want to open.
And start deleting them when the new option is available .