Tutorial: Unable to contine after setting up Holding

Hello there,

I’m not able to continue the Start up tutorial after I have chosen the location, name and logo.

I have already switched devices and browser…


Sorry to hear about the trouble. Can you describe what’s happening … what do you see, what do you click, what happens?

After chosing the location and logo and clicking on the ‘continue’ button, nothing happens…

Screenshot helps! Enter a stock symbol for your company in that white field in the middle of the certificate. It’s supposed to ask you for this but that may not be happening … go ahead and try it.

Hello, I am having the same problem. When I try to enter a stock symbol, in red, it says “invalid symbol format”. I am not given any options to choose anything either. I can do everything else logo, and location. Just cant enter a stock symbol. Thanks in advance for any help

Hey, try entering 4 letters for your Stock Symbol and let us know what happens.

Typing 4 letters worked and now pressing on through the tutorial. Thanks for the response