Transportation Company


I open Transportation company and it is not possible to buy new shipping routes (Add countries)
is there a ttrick to it?

Why is it not possible to buy new shipping routes? What is happening when you try?

I have been able to resolve the issue by using a different browser.
On safari when clicking on the button, nothing happens. It does not give you the chance to choose and buy new routes, also does not let you distribute credits to the countries.

Using chrome everything worked.

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We are happy to hear you could continue using Chrome. We will be looking into this issue. Thank you fo posting.

I can not send my order (2k smartphones) to the client. Transportation companies which I am choosing have no routes from Germany.

The transportation company you selected is unable to service the {0} route.
(they may have run out of shipping credits). Belgium From Germany

Try choosing GoVenture World transportation option.

It is only with GoVenture transportation working. It is very expensive.

GoVenture World transportation is expensive on purpose so that players are encouraged to start transportation companies and offer faster delivery and lower costs.

You should contact other transportation companies and ask them to support your routes.

If they don’t, then you only option is GoVenture World transportation.