Steeper progression system for opening additional businesses

The amount of bpx required to start your second, third, fourth, etc, should be progressively higher after each new business you open.

For example, I first started a retail business, once I accumulated 2000bpx I immediately started a manufacturing business. Now that the manufacturing business is unlocked, I can open 1, 2, or 100 for no additional bpx.

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Agree. Another possible loophole (which I just took advantage of) is that you can buy a manufacturing business or multiple businesses with less than 2000 bxp. I assume you could buy investment banks the same way…

Probably should be blocked

Yup, we will increase the BXP needed for all the businesses and for additional businesses of the same type.

We have even been discussing categorizing the BXP by the type of activity. For example, to start an INVESTMENT BANK you might need 5,000 Total BXP but of that amount, 1,000 BXP has to be related to buying and selling stocks and bonds, taking out and repaying loans, etc. to show that you have enough experience with investment activities.

But, for now, we are good with people starting new businesses easily because it helps us with the BETA testing and it helps us get feedback about the different types of businesses.