Space drone discussion

im editing this initial discussion post because i was incorrect on some information due to my own dumb a**ness.

so we’re finally here when the first space drone mfg and retailer are being created… so far as the mfg i think you guys may have made the correct choices

  1. the amount produced/sold.
    12 per real time day right out of the gate with no efficiency upgrades is fine. once you have all efficiency upgrades which allows for 48 per real time day is great. no complaints here

  2. Cost to produce
    im glad you guys listened to my feedback by reducing the cost to produce a drone to 180k for 0/0 and 670k for 100/100, this way they be sold for 360k for 0/0 and 1.3mil for 100/100. no complaints here

  3. start up costs
    50 mil felt fair for an “elite” business and took me with 7 businesses to get to it 3 years in from the last reset. so no problems there

4 cost for upgrades
1 drone for 17.5 mill added per game day (so every 2 hours) is worth the cost so im pleased with this. As for the upgrades to mfg quality im also content with this as it feels fair.

as an initial impression of space drones im feeling pretty excited

id love to discuss this with other players and the developers

I am having issues trying to direct purchase drones. Wants me to enter g750k value minimum to purchase can’t buy for the g360k. Did you do some upgrades or is this bug?

@Cleveland …Thanks for your feedback. Regarding #1, we did not change the number of drones produced per day.

We only changed one thing in Space Drones from the last round. We reduced the cost of manufacturing and R&D stations in a MANUFACTURING business so that total manufacturing costs would be less (as per your suggestions last round).

@East_India … thanks for noting this, it was a bad number … we have now fixed that (minimum is now g180,000).

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@Cleveland … not sure what you mean by “back to 48” … it’s always been the same and has never changed. It’s 1 per day GT or up to 4 per day GT with all efficiencies. This translates to 12-48 per day RT.

youtr right, im stupid, it does increase 1 per game day (every 2 hours) per efficiency upgrade thus allowing for 48 per real time day. im sorry for creating the misunderstanding

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im just going to delete some of my previous posts