Skills and Advisors earnings

My earnings under Advisors & Me it’s still g0. I am wondering when I will see earnings come in
Screenshot 2022-10-28 071619

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It would appear that the companies hiring your advisors have not made any revenue. You will see earnings when there is revenue. But just in case there is an issue, we will treat this as a bug report and investigate it.

I asked around, and it seems like everybody else has g0 earnings. Even for the efficiency/manufacturing/retail sales portion of it.

Some advisors are making earnings

But as we said it all depends on the other player’s activity.

The issue is same with me. There has been 0 earnings on advisor tab since the beginning. Please check it.

As we stated, it all depends on the activity of the player who hired your advisor. But we are looking into any possible issues.

All my advisors are very active in the game, and still no earnings… I think it might be a bug

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I am having the same problem. Never received any earnings.

Screenshot 2022-11-15 074142

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We have been investigating this issue, and we believe that the reason for the inconsistent earnings has been identified.

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