Shipping cost for last unit

I don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature, but I’d like to understand the reasoning…

I have a manufacturing business, and am filling orders for a retailer - say 100 units. When I ship product I have to pay for shipping, so far so good.

It looks like when I ship any units of product between 1 and 99 units, I get a “normal” shipping cost, but if I include the last unit (the 100th unit) in a shipment, or even if I try to ship it alone, then the shipping cost goes through the roof, i.e. g100,000+ to ship one unit with GoVenture Transport.

Can anyone help explain?

Thank you for posting this. We will look into this now.

Somehow, I’m not experiencing this bug anymore. I was able to ship the final unit on several orders at a normal price… not sure what you did, but it worked!

We are looking into this, please stand by.

Thank you for posting.