Selling phones doesnt work

I can’t sell my phones over $200. It says i can’t sell when its in range of 1 to 1000, but i cant sell it over 200

What is the R&D Features & MFG Quality of your phones?

Although you are restricted to set a price between 1 to 1000, the quality and features dictated the value of the product and will also restrict what you can sell them for. This is a trial and error approach in setting your prices.

Also, you need to consider the market you are selling in.

I have also experienced retailers not wanting to buy from me because they say my phones don’t sell.

I see in the Consumer Profiles there are Consumer Groups. Which Consumer Groups are 0%/0%, 20%/20% , 40%/40%, ect… categorized in? Most people don’t mix the qualities… not intentionally anyways lol.

There should be some type of warehousing capabilities to keep different level products separated or to mix them to better make use of the Consumer Profiles. Maybe a future upgrade for mfg’s and retailers?

Retailers can carry any mix of products they want. So there is no restriction or warehousing needed.

Some retailers prefer to sell higher quality/feature products because they can sell at a higher price. Although, that doesn’t always mean higher profit because they may sell fewer products at high prices. Some players strive to achieve 100/100 as that is their personal strategy.

When someone says a product doesn’t sell, the lack of sales could be due to many factors, including competition in the country and more. So, all products will sell if they are sold at the right price in the right location.

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I kinda realized that this weekend… I was upgrading Manufacturing and I wanted to keep the 20/20’s separate from the 40/40’s, so to avoid mixing them I stored the 20/20’s on the Open Market.

I’m still confused on how this incorporates the Consumer Profiles… Should we be trying to fill the Market Demand for certain qualities/features? Or does it not even really matter?.. kinda defeats the purpose of the Consumer Profile though.

FYI: Products on the Open Market and in inventory of different ratings, will display an average rating.