Sales (all brands)

Under Manage Business the Activity Log appears to report sales accurately. However, Sales (all brands) report only a maximum of 3 sales per day, even if I’ve made many times that number in Sales. Seems like a bug in there.

Can you expand both of those sections and take a screen grab so I cqan see what you are seeing?

Attached the screen shot, as you can see I have made a number of sales today but only 3 reported under Sales (all brands), same for yesterday. On top you can also see the line of credit which doesn’t disappear even though I have cash available. I believe it should have been paid off automatically - I have reported this 2 days ago under a separate heading Line of Credit.

If you look at the dates in your Activity log, you are only selling 3 per day. The averages are game days.

As for the line of credit. I notice you have $7,000,000 in your account. We were wondering where that money came from because it must have been introduced outside of the code path that checks for funds and pays off the LOC as it is being deposited.

Sorry, I was working in RT not game time.

Totally understood. Totally been there.

I see that down payments have now started and the amount outstanding is coming down, thanks for fixing the problem.