Revenue / Equity bug

Clearly in the interest of break testing your game, Jobsons=Phoneix=Byfield=Adverfield=who knows how many more, has resurrected an exploit he used last game to artificially boost both revenue and equity.

I don’t see it reported anywhere so clearly he’s not sharing it yet, but it would be a good thing to check out and close off before we go into another round where a player can make a mockery of the leader boards.

It not only affects leader boards - it affects gameplay through the % ratings.

Also, it would be sensible to add a clause to terms and conditions that the knowing exploit and non reporting of loopholes will result in player accounts being frozen. It’s in every other game I play.

It wasnt reported because it wasn’t a exploit.

It artificially pumps up revenue and equity without substance so it’s a bug and therefore it’s abuse is an exploit!

Thats where you are wrong its not artificially doing it. Its working like a retailer would. I simply got a direct offer of a certain amount of cars for 50 million and played the retailer game and made 62 million; so how is that exploiting it?

That loophole has been addressed, just not up on the server yet. The algorithms for selling through the minigame have been adjusted to prevent this sort of thing.

Well once again fully exploited and has destroyed the results of the round. Don’t get me wrong - it was a good bug to find and I didn’t think it could go that far so well done.

Sounds like we need the next update asap.

Yeah, I’m pretty much done too for this round. The game is the same exact thing everyday, no variance. It takes too long to get the bxp to open new businesses unless you’re grinding all day and there isn’t enough features in each business to make it worth the wait. I loved playing the Investment Banker role last round but I didn’t even bother creating one this round because they’re pointless. No one needs the capital.

Hey guys … rest assured that we have plans to make sure the leaderboards are not affected by bugs and exploits. We will be implementing this in the coming days or weeks.

BEARHEAD: I can understand that grinding does get tiring. We don’t want our game to be a grinding-style game. When we designed it, we never expected to have so many power users early on as we thought it would be primarily a casual game, so we created a lot of broad features but did not go deep into any particular area. Once we discovered that we did have a lot of players interested in deeper gameplay we decided to add some features to support this. In the next reset you will see additional features added to manufacturing and retail businesses.

We also are likely to reset the game every few months, even after the beta. We’ve learned that people really like the first few weeks of the game where everything is starting fresh. So, we want to support this.

In addition with the grinding, we are looking to figure out what the right metrics are for the game so that we can tweak them to make sure players don’t feel like they have to grind excessively to make progress, but at the same time not make it too easy to level up. Our metrics are better now than they used to be but we are still learning.

Same with profit … we don’t want to make the game too difficult to make a profit and we also don’t want it too easy to make money because then other features like the Investment Bank and securities becomes less used. Our metrics here are better now too and they will be even better after the reset.

Thanks for sticking with us!

Definitely. I will check it out after the next reset.