Retailer Sales Feature Request, etc

I’m recommending you guys make cars sell a little faster than usually since the mini game doesn’t sell the cars in the inventory anymore. Its gonna take way longer for them to sell and that’ll make the game boring, there is nothing else to do while your waiting around for cars to sell and manufacture after you’ve done the daily routine. What am I suppose to do?? Come back later??

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Byfield, thanks for your suggestion, but right now we are not seeing a need to increase the economy. The Automotive Sales game (minigame) was not intended to affect the gameplay as much as it may have for a few players who were focused on it.

Even when the minigame was using real inventory, you could still only play it once a day, just as it is now, so there is no change in time investment there.

Yes, it does mean that cars do not have to be purchased to sell through the minigame now, but our economic metrics are based on core gameply, not the minigame.

GoVenture World is designed to avoid the grinding that is required in many other games. We don’t want to force or expect players to grind to make progress or to stay competitive.

My point is, the game got boring. I understand your wish to not push for competitiveness but don’t you think that’s what drives most of these players?? To be on top or near the top. What other goals are there?