Retail sell mini game

the selling minigame is not interesting at all cause when you use it the price of sold cars is highly lower than the price you settled for periodic sales

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It says that but that adjusts later to your set selling price. Reasonably confident as I checked activity log plus my total cash before and after.

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Confirming. I verified my reports after playing the mini-game, and the autos do appear to be selling at the correct price - as set by us.

However, the game summary of sales will create some confusion. I’ll address this with the team.


Thought I had a new bug - further checking - all good.

Sorry to jump in here Joe - The actual bug is that it should be selling at the listed price in the minigame. The minigame is designed to sell at a reduced price. This is to give the retailer a chance to quickly unload stock but with the drawback of not being able to set their price.

that just happened to me too… I priced it, but it sold my products at a lower rate without adjusting…
Did you find a solution?