Retail Liquidation Bug

My Sales Suddenly Stopped, couldn’t figure out why for the life of me buy I think I found out why. I was selling 593 units a day (my max), then on day 110GT it stopped at 321, then on Day 111 GT no sales. I had 1800 units available to sell so I didn’t think there was any issue. I tried changing prices, nothing. Then I looked at the units and Inventory sold chart, it showed negative inventory, the only thing I can gather is that from where I liquidated earlier inventory, it somehow didn’t account for it. Please help me figure this out. Thanks I’m advance everyone!

Sorry for the delay in responding, we have had power issues at our business location because of Fiona. We are still recovering and will try to investigate.

Upon investigating this looks like a bug in the report, we will address this.

Awesome, Thank You! Hope y’all recover quickly and stay safe from Fiona!!