Restriction on offer quantity - Direct Sale

Entirely my error but while tired I offered to produce 150,000 cars and it was accepted.!

At the rate of 100 cars a RT day - that’s going to take me 5 years! Can we please put logic restriction on that field - and in offer to buy as well I guess.

This is a good suggestion. I’ve reported to the dev team for consideration.

I just got taxed 13.4 billion G on earnings of 44.7 billion G. I was going to complain that I’d couldn’t possibly have earned 44.7 billion because I only had 35 billion in equity - until I realised that it includes 14.25 billion of earnings which resulted from this sale of 150k cars that I can never fill.

Just as well I’m super rich and can afford it - otherwise it would have been a company killer compounding from a error that I thought the game controls should have blocked.

GoVenture World uses ACCRUAL accounting, not CASH accounting, which means that your financials are based on Invoices issues. It does not matter whether the invoice is paid or not, as long as it exists, it will be included in your financials and you will be taxed on it too.

ACCRUAL accounting is how most larger businesses operate in the real world. If the INVOICE gets cancelled without payment, then that would require an adjustment on tax in the next fiscal year. This is where it gets complicated and I don’t think we have such adjustments built in. Even if we did, they would not trigger until that 150k order you mention is cancelled.