Request to help the businesses see where they stand

In light of tax season on GoVenture World, I think it would be a good addition if there was a place where you could view what GT day your company’s taxes are due and have a running total of how much taxes you have to pay up to the current GT day. This would help businesses be able to see the amount they need to save and operate their businesses in an efficient manner instead of trying to climb out of a Line of Credit constantly (which could discourage players after a while and cause them to quit) and make them in debt constantly because it’s all guesswork on the player’s end rather than knowing the exact day and how much you need.

Thanks for your thoughts @Lifeline_Inc, we will include them in our team review.


To find your tax date, look at the day your company was established. Taxes are assessed on the anniversary date of your holding company.

Okay. That makes sense…but still would be nice to see something on the tablet as a selection to review taxes for your current year (running total and updated as sales are completed) as well as having a list of past taxes which would help toward determining potential taxes for the current and upcoming years. Would make it easier to track taxes as well. Just a thought.

Lifeline, you are right and we have added a task to include more detail about taxes in the reports and perhaps elsewhere.

Taxes are calculated at the end of a game year. They are calculated using your Profit for the year and the tax rate for your holding company.

I often use this the Profit Loss report in conjunction with the Government Policies table (on Wold Markets page) to quickly get an idea of what is going to be owed.

This year - g6,839,172
Tax in Brazil - 34%

6,839,172 X .34 = 2,325,318
Total taxes on Profit to date = g2,325,318

Would this be gross revenue? Or the addition of the gross revenue plus other income minus COGS minus expenses?