Rejected Ad Campaign

Hi, I hired an ad agency for an ad campaign for g250,000. Why was the amount deducted from my account when the transaction didn’t go through? It was rejected right. Now, I don’t have anough g money to hire another ad agency. Hope you can help.

What ad agency did you hire? It will help up diagnose the issue you are reporting.

In investigating this report we have discovered that you were not charged for marketing services, however you did spend
g200,000 for legal service,
g200,000 for licensing an add on
g200,000 for operating costs
g460,800 for inventory production

Hi. why Firm and add agency was rejected, but the amount deducted grom my Gmoney was not return?

Again we checked and you were not charged for the hire offer, you are not charged until the application is approved.

As we provided above you ran out of money based on your spending.

You can apply for a loan to supplement your gMoney, but that will require repayment.

Where did I get deducted for Operation Costs?

How do I request for a loan and how to repay?

For a loan you go to Finance > Loan Application. You pay it back on the Finance > Loans page.

You are charged Operating Expenses every month game time.