Questions About the Reset and Changes

If you have any questions about the March 7th Game Reset or any of the changes made during this, please ask away in this thread and we will see what we can do to answer.

I noticed that there is a limit to the amount of businesses you can own at one time. If there a guide that we can use to gauge our success and growth?

At what point can you own or manager 3 or more?

We have not published the benchmarks for business growth yet but the 3 business benchmark is at 7000bxp.

ok great. I also wonder what other methods can we gain EXP points once we complete the courses and challenges.


General gameplay and event interactions such as mailing, checking finances, producing, selling, shipping. That kind of stuff. Notifications appear whenever you gain bxp so you will have to do some exploring and see what triggers it. Most will trigger on a daily (RT) bases so if you discover that reading your mail gives bxp, then if you come in the next day and read your mail, you will be awarded bxp again.

ok, so we are no longer able to gain more BXP through challenges like the previous version. Once we fulfilled each item the game then resorts back to strictly gameplay to gain BXPs

Jobsons was able to purchase the law firm before they adjusted the BXP limit. It previously set at 3000 bxp and was recently increased to 7000 bxp. the same was done to Investment banking it was previously 5000 bxp and now it was increased to 10,000 bxp

I do think it is a bit unfair to the rest of the gamers now bc Jobsons clearly has a monopoly on Law firm services.

Challenges will be rolled over time instead of them all available at once.

Can anyone explain how jobsons got a law firm before getting the required bxp???
and while I complained about max sell prices on manufacturers can we block stupid prices like 1 million for a car without restricting sensible people. Thanks

We will look into the bxp issue.

We don’t block prices set by Manufacturers because if a Retailer wants to cars for unreasonably high cost, they can do it. But, they won’t be able to sell the cars and will end up losing the money. Good lesson to learn.

Regarding the LAW FIRM issue, there was a temporary bug that allowed the creation of a Law Firm with less than the required bxp. This has already been fixed. This is why Jobsons was able to start a Law Firm so soon. Since Jobsons didn’t do anything wrong and since he does have high bxp and is an active player, we are going to let him keep his Law Firm.

Thanks for noting this for us!