Product Competitiveness Report

In the Product Competitiveness report, if you are looking at retail businesses, under the “Price Last Product Sold” section it doesn’t truly display the sales price information but instead displays the company’s current asking price. For example, if I set my asking price at g1,000,000 it will erroneously say that I have sold my last product for g1,000,000 even though it is impossible that any buyer group would ever pay that much for a car. I’m assuming this is a bug as it means the report isn’t reliably displaying the information it claims to be.

It is handy having current offer price but maybe we could have last sold price as well - if no sales then N/A in that field.

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Yup, bug. It has been fixed and should be working as of May 8.

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Same report if someone could have a look at the current numbers being displayed for united states for retail. they’re really out there and if that is what is actually being used to allocate sales it will be giving some unfair results

Same report but new round. You can still get info from this report on the manufacturing side, but the switch to retail has gone from a long delay to a time out every time.

Without the retail info I’m blind in trying to price to a market. can we either have a version that is hard wired to retail or can someone please look at what is causing the wheel spinning. thanks

@Global_Inc , sorry we did not comment here earlier, but we are looking into it. Thank you for posting this.


@Global_Inc, this has been fixed.