Portfolio structuring

Maybe portfolio could be better structured in terms of what you see. To also include number of owned units (bonds or stocks), your avg purchase price, current price, and total value for purchase, current total value, and current profit. (current profit on investments would be unrealized gain in RL)

Also for those you dont own anymore to be deleted from portfolio (I am not sure weather I have those that I dont own anymore, or does it still show some units of companies that are currently inactive).

@Jacobus, thank you for your thoughts and comments, we will include this in our features request file.


Thank you.

Also, currently it shows all stocks, bonds or loans, even those that you dont have but have only once bought or sold them. So in portfolio is stuff you dont actually have. That could be removed too to make it simplier.

Usually in RL those that you traded with are in transaction history while in portfolio is what you own.

Jacobus … thanks for identifying a fix that is needed.

The PORTFOLIO info you are looking for is actually on the BOARDROOM screen in the PORTFOLIO table.

The fix we are going to make is to use this same table on the FINANCE > PORTFOLIO screen.

There is also a table on FINANCE > STOCKS and FINANCE > BONDS but that table is different and will stay as is for now.

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