Players with Multiple Accounts

GoVenture World is best played when a player has one account. For a time we did not act on multiple accounts, then we did in order to keep the game fair, and implemented a policy in our Terms of Use that states that multiple accounts are not allowed.

As of RESET #5 (May 2018), we are no longer going to actively monitor the use of multiple accounts. This requires too much of our time that is better spent on improving the game. Officially, we still do not allow multiple accounts.

To help with this, we have implemented some changes in the game to minimize the real or perceived advantage that a player may get by having multiple accounts.

And, we will take action on accounts if we discover that this policy easing is being abused. We want to make sure gameplay is fair. We also depend on honest players reporting abuses to us to investigate.

Take note that our Terms of Use still explicitly does not allow multiple accounts without our consent, so just because we may not take immediate action on the use of multiple accounts does not mean that we condone it.

Here are existing features and new changes that minimize the real or perceived advantage that a player may get by having multiple accounts.

(1) The FUNDS TRANSFER feature is locked to new players. You have to be in business for 1 year GT and accumulate 4,000 bXP before this feature is unlocked. And the amount of money that can be transferred in one transfer is capped. This stops players from starting a new business simply to transfer funds to another business.

(2) It now costs a lot of money to upgrade a business, so if a player has multiple accounts, they will not be able to put the same effort into all of them. This means that if a player does not focus on making a business profitable enought to unlock new stations, the business will only be able to manufacture cars of the lowest quality and features, and a retailer will maintain low signage and staff.

(3) Maximum and minimum selling prices are now set for all direct sales. This reduces the advantage of selling or buying cars at unrealistic prices to benefit another business. (We still have some work to do to further refine this this feature, but the basics are implemented already).

(4) Businesses can go bankrupt, so an account created for the purposes of benefing another business will likely go bankrupt quickly if it is not properly managed.

(5) Splitting focus between multiple accounts reduces the time spent on earning bXP and profit, and doing the many other things that allow you to grow and level up in the game. Any advantage that may be gained in the short term will be quickly lost in the long term.

We think the items above will discourage players from wanting to start multiple accounts.

Some players may wonder if we should allow a player to sell products to his/her own businesses (which the game has never allowed), as another way to discourage the creation of multiple businesses. But we think such a change would have other consequences to the gameplay that are not good, so we don’t want to do that. However, we are continuing to think about this feature change, so it could happen in the future, but not in the short term (if ever).