Player Equity after IPO and buy back

Again noticeable because of the size involved and I’m not in any way saying this was a player exploiting a loophole - just a big question and I believe a bug.

Recently Callaars did a massive IPO - 500k shares at 1170g each
Prior to that his equity was around 900m
180k shares were sold and I presume the rest were bought back as there are no more for sale and Callaars is shown as owning 1.32m shares.
After this Callaars equity is showing as 1.45 billion ish - surely that’s not right…
So following that through If I did a release of 800k shares at around 1200g each but then immediately bought them all back, my equity would double from 950m to 1.9 billion… I don’t think so

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@Fireyscorp, thanks for this, we are looking into it.

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Agree on this, released 500k arounr 1000 per stock, the stocks sold around 200k, bought around 300k myself back, equity gain was 500k should not be like this totaly unfair competition wise!

Played many business games in the past, and was never allowed to buy own stocks back (unless it was on your own account, example: u had your business income: Callaars as the company like now in this game, and your personal income and as director of the company, So u as director had a wage, personal income and u could buy stocks with that) i have bought with money of my own company: Callaars to buy stocks back so equity money to gain more equity thats a bubble of air i am creating, atm around 300k,

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Sorry for typo, logged in on my phone

Saw this last version as well… was exactly the same, its a airbubble, what should not be there, lucky this is a beta and developers can fix these things

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Without trying to shove the answer where it’s not wanted…

If you start with a million in equity at 100% ownership and you float to reduce your equity to 50%, you still have a million in equity - just now it’s 50% of a 2 million company…

until the price goesup

We allow players to buy their own shares because it allows you the option to repurchase your equity.

But when you buy your own shares, they are supposed to be automatically and immediately cancelled. This is called a SHARE BUY BACK is is frequently done by public companies in the real world.

We have to make sure it is working like this as intended.

The issue with Buy Backs and Equity has been resolved. Thanks for the sharp eyes guys.

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The issue may be resolved but the leader board is not corrected I think.
(May be too hard to correct and that’s OK)
Is there a way to recalculate the current correct value of equity? - I’m pretty sure the results will be quite different to what’s on the leader boards.

@Fireyscorp, unfortunately, the leaderboard cannot be fixed.

On the same subject I think there’s a glitch with share issues and buy backs - conveniently highlighted by spiritt and spirit. Both have had multiple issues and both show a current issue in negative.

My guess of what’s happening is an issue is bought back, adding to the owners personal holdings and then allowing another issue.

start with 1 million shares, issue 800k, sell 100k buy back 700k.
start with 1.7 million shares issue 700k sell 200k buy back 500k
start with 2.2 million shares etc etc

@Global_Inc, we are looking into this. Thank you for commenting.