Place holds on ad bids

I know you guys are working on, if you haven’t already implemented the g5000 cap for over bidding other players for ad spots. Would it also be possible to take a bid and place it on ‘hold’ until the bid is either lost, or won and the money is spent?

This might discourage players from wiping out the board days in advance with ad bids, for the sake of keeping that cash in their pocket a little bit longer.

I don’t really understand your idea.

I am suggesting that if you bid g2000 on an ad spot, g2000 is subtracted from your account at the time you bid. If someone outbids you, you get your money back. If you win the bid then your g money is spent. Currently, you don’t actually spend any g money at the time you bid on an ad spot. It is only deducted from your total if you win the bid.


This is a good idea, but it would require a lot of technical effort to implement (compared to spending time on other features).

The g5,000 limit has already been implemented and if we see other exploits going on, we will revisit.

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