Phone and Navigation Menu Mobile Browser Bugs

Since I’m a programmer and have found this situation, I figured I would have you look into it! :slight_smile: I have noticed that the phone and navigation menus are at an absolute position (I know you programmed it in a MVC language from some temp errors I got meaning it’s in C# or so I’m talking in CSS terms of the #id { position: absolute; }. This creates a situation where it isn’t adjustable to the resizing of a window (if it was a navigation bar along the top, I could understand) meaning that you can zoom out (on mobile) and they’ll be in place correctly but you can’t tap the links because they’re so small but when you zoom in, they move to that spot (no readjusting for page size). You can see when you log into a browser on a mobile phone that if you zoom out, the navigation menu and phone appear in the correct spot but links are so small you can’t tap them correctly. If you zoom in, the navigation will start to cover the main content of the game AND that the phone can no longer be seen once you get past a certain zoom in point. You can scroll as far as you can to the right and it’s no longer there. I do log on and do things on my phone when I’m not anywhere near wifi with my laptop. Just thought you could look into it :slight_smile:

We are aware the game has issues on mobile devices. It was designed with a Desktop First mentality and will be adjusted for mobile once we feel the workings are stable and solid.

Thanks for your posting and interest in the game.