Pharma Sales suddenly stopped


My Pharma retail store sales suddenly stopped without changing the price or any oother condition, selling the same products with same quality and from the same supplier. I even lowered the price to half but it didn’t work.

There are no competitors and consumer groups are almost the same as before.

Riner Pharmacy

Last Sale: Year 2 Day 199 GT (2020-08-31 RT) Sold 219 unit(s)


We have checked and the game is working properly.
You can check out the product competitiveness and the retail inventory reports to help determine why you are not making the sales you expect.

Thanks for the response, but from day 199 to 209 there was no sales although it showed 9,501 in inventory, sales started again after I received the 40,153 new shipment.

Not sure but I guess the number in stock was 0 but showed 9,501 as a visual error.