PHARM retailer in JAPAN and France

I have 2 PHARM Retailer one in France with a annual demand of about g117.000.000, the other is in Japan with a annual demand of g 177.000,000. I was selling units 0.0 Qual/ feat in both market at the highest price possible of g 79 ( If raised one unit more in both retailer there would be sold 0 units). Also in both market I had enough salesman to cover actual demand. In addition in both market there are no competition .

I noticed after considering what is wrote above that I sold far more units in France in total 3.500 unit a day GT (small market) with a total sales of g 276.000 gt a day than in Japan at about 2.800 unit a day GT with a total poor sale of g 221.000

. This is true since in France I have a demand of 117.000.000 a year which if you divided by 360 day it will be a total sales for France of g325,000 a day GT while in Japan the total units that could be sold is (177.000.000 / 360 =g 491.000) far away from France

Can somebody please explain what is going on ?. Is there a bug in JAPAN market

There are market differences to consider.
Consumer Groups

  • Japan, 6
  • France, 4