Open Market shipping

Last round… i set something on the open market… someone buys it…
they select the shipping method and pay for it.

This round, do I have to ship it? (i just did 2) Didnt gain any money… and then i have to pay the shipping side too?

Did the PO side, no longer have to pay for shipping?

 it was def not this way last round.

Have to raise the price to compensate is all, but the production side was already lower profit than the retail. lol.

ok, maybe its because i havent gotten paid yet?? (going thru the profit/loss it shows (353000) for expense, and 0 for revenue.
sold 3 Openmarket sales. (paid shipping!) why didnt I get paid?

i couldnt find a list of updates posted.

The cause of the issue has been identified and we are working on resolving the missing payments for those purchases.