Open Market order not shipping?


I purchased 20 cars from the Open Market a few hours ago (RT), the money has been deducted… but they still haven’t shipped.

Is it a bug or some gameplay mechanic I don’t know about?

The order is linked to invoice #MA-989-7

Thank you for your help

We will investigate this.

I think 2 relevant facts are that the company selling the cars?? was temporarliy closed and the transport company used to ship them is also currently closed? (I’m guessing rolls royce UK and venus transport)

I have 27 cars stuck in the same limbo but some others I bought through the same channel arrived OK…
EDIT: Game Time Y2 Day 61 I bought on open market from magar Alfa Romeo Korea using venus shipping and it arrived OK. I also bought a parcel of 10 and a parcel of 17 on the same game day using the same transport company from magar Rolls Royce UK and they’re stuck.
I guess that eliminates the shipping co and it has to be that the company was closed even though there were still goods on the open market.
Don’t know how you clear the mess but the fix may be to block closing a company until all orders are shipped and on market goods removed
Game time Y2 Day 97 (today) I have another one but this time Rolls Royce UK is open. I bought 3 parcels - 2 have shipped and the other has gone in limbo. (All to my MA Dallas if you want to check)
I think the limbo one was further down the market list so it’s very possible it was placed there prior to the business closing and remained there during the close and re-open.

@Fireyscorp yes these are the companies in question

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Se have managed to repeat the fault

It happened when you reopen a closed company
It brings black some history from open market.

So for Now when you Reopen a closed manufacturera. Delist all open market items. They Will ve product empty


Agree with Magar. To delist is the solution. Also be aware of the name of the company when you buy in open market I had named ghost open market.

Attention. When you delist be aware of the quality and the features you will not add inventory but your merchandise will get contaminated on diferentes type of quality and features. The right way to delist is to have your inventory in zero, and then delist

We have found the issue that caused this and have corrected it.


I found the same issue with order MA-3065-18. Bought items on open market but they have never shipped.
Could you check that for me, please?


This has been fixed with an update today. All orders effective have been shipped.