Open market bug

When i purchased a company, it had 320 odd cars on open market, those cars have not been transferred to me and are in turn incurring a lot of inventory costs per day for me.

U know as an objective player, reading this… it is kinda strange that u can buy a company with loads of cars, from another person…

So if i make an dupe account, and manufacturing loads of cars sell the company u can make millions, by doing nothing…

Quite odd, in my opinion…

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Buy a company for 5 mill with 320 cars… hmm

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We will have to look into this … but keep in mind that even if someone created a second account (which i/s currently against the rules) they only get enough money to manufacture less than 100 cars at the lowest quality/features. So, the advantage is not huge.

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Selling a company, should remove cars and only sell the company, just my point of view and this is solved, does not matter how minimal the profit is…

The reason we include the inventory with the sale is because if a player wants to sell a business, it would be too much trouble to first try to sell all of the inventory … and a player may not want to spend time trying to sell all the inventory or may have trouble trying to sell everything down to 0.

We think it is better to make it easy for the player to sell the business whenever they want as this promotes more sales.

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No problem with having inventory included in sale. I think the issue is to underestimate the trouble players could go to to gain an advantage at the top of the tree of their drone accounts. Without spending huge amounts, a maker could produce 300 cars in a week to 10 days while the head company is building bxp. By the time the head company has enough bxp to open a new business, they could buy one with stock in place for 1g. Then let the drone company fall inactive…

Very hard to stop or even police when it’s at the lower end and probably not worth the trouble…

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We have unsuccessfully tried to reproduce this issue and have not heard word of others having the issue. Without further information, I am not sure if anything can be done.

@Firey, policing duplicate accounts is a real admin pain for us. It is important time we would rather be spending on improving the game for all players.

At some point (hopefully soon), we will implement some restrictions on gameplay to reduce the advantage of having duplicate accounts and then change our Terms of Use to allow duplicate accounts (within reason) so that we do not have to police them. That will be better for everyone. But, there is no perfect solution to this - there will always be some advantage to duplicate accounts, we just have to figure out how to minimize it.

Anyway, anyone reading this should assume that duplicate accounts are NOT allowed until such time as you see an official change in policy.