Onboarding New Players


Joining a big MMORPG like GoVenture World can be intimidating for some new players. It would be awesome if our existing players can help reach out to new players and offer to sell or buy products from them soon after they join.


maybe a feature for new players to be in touch with other new players would be more usefull

we have no idea who is looking for partners without make mails


Agree, it would be nice to make it easier to see new players and we will work on that at some point. Right now you can see new signups in the ACTIVITY LOG at top and bottom of interface.


i saw that but i think it is best to link new players with other new players first

(cause they need each other)


Happy to keep an eye out.


We’re all pretty new… Happy to help if I see a name I don’t recognise


Help me clear my stock plz :slight_smile: (SnizCars)
well need some extra fund to learn how business work on world


Snizland. Shoot me a message in game and I will do what I can to help you out. My company is Bearhead Ventures