Not Letting me do Direct Marketing Campaign

This is my primary mode of advertising- it just shows up with a blank blue screen whenever I pick the option though. Need it resolved asap as I need to pay down 55 million worth of income tax and can only do that with sales.

This should be working now.

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Well every time I try to send one out now by clicking save on the campaign page nothing happens.

There was an additional issue, that has been corrected. Please try again and let us know either way please. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In MAD MEN we can not satisfy our client Aslanidis. He paid us to do direct mail campaign, but I can not do it. It only saving my letter and can not send it.

This has been corrected.

I sent e-mail in direct mail campaign, but I did not got a message and I do not know, my letter was sent or not.

I wanted to send in the name of my client Aslanidis. Now I got the letter, and i see, that letter’s author is MAD MEN.
Not good.

We will look into this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

My client is mad, he wanna take the money back. I spent this money. What will be with my family, kids… :slight_smile:

BTW: I can not start my client’s advertising campaign. Maybe I am doing wrong, but I have empty page when I press MANAGE AD CAMPAIGN.

Ah Gaina, you were trying to advertise in name of Aslanidis? Is that possible? Can you do advertisment for me?

I would do it with pleasure. But this game not letting me to do in the name of my client. It is like i am sending my own direct male campaign.

The direct marketing campaign is by design, the ad agency does not impersonate the other business but sends out the ads in behalf of the player.