Not Able to go further After CEO Training

I am stuck on CEO training I am clicking ok but I am not able to go further.
Kindly Help this my College Project. I have to complete I before the deadline.

Try using a different browser to see if let’s you get through.

If not, let us know:

  1. What screen are you stuck on?
  2. What happens when you click the next button?
  3. What device are you using?

I am stuck again .!
on Complete your signup … screen after pressing continue not able to go through

I am using MAC
When I click next nothing happens

Sir this is my College project I want the bugs to get fixed or else my professor won’t grade me … Kindly fix the bugs like why it the screen freezing after 2 clicks.

Be sure not to use the Safari browser. Use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox.

What screen are you stuck on?

It appears that a css rendering issue in safari is breaking the page, We will look into it, but in the meantime we would suggest using an alternate browser such as Chrome, Edge.

We have addressed this css issue in safari. Please report to us if you encounter any more.