New Product - Precious Metals : New Business - Supplier

We need a manufacturer of jewels, and a retailer for jewelry!

Also, we should have suppliers to the manufacturers. Low profits, kinda like a mine, maybe new in-game plot twists? (What if suppliers only sell in the global market?!?!?!)

I think it could make for some interesting game-play. Maybe make it where raw materials are randomly placed throughout the map each cycle, so maybe operating a supply business might not be feasible in certain locations. Would also have affects on Supply and Demand.

Just a cool idea I was thinking about whilst sitting here on GoVenture lol.

Thanks for your suggestions.

We have been thinking of having raw materials suppliers to the manufacturers. Will take much work to add, so it’s on our longer term list.

Jewelry products were not really on our list as we are not sure if it has broad enough appeal and “production” requirements. What makes you suggest jewelry?

Yes, suppliers would be a big update. Would love to see it in the future though.

Most great games have some kind of jewels you can collect. I only was thinking jewelry because it could follow the chain of supplier, manufacturer, and retailer.

The supplier would be like a mining company, the manufacturer would like a blacksmith or someone who crafts jewelry, and the retailer would be high end jewelry stores.

Honestly I was just thinking of another business type and like I said, who doesn’t love jewels?

I think we add raw materials suppliers, we would add them to the existing businesses, like automobiles would have an METAL supplier, maybe a TIRE supplier, maybe ENGINE supplier, etc.

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That sounds really awesome! Might add a little product differentiation other than just the quality and features. Which in turn could create more competition for products.

For example, instead of just 20% features and 40% quality, you could also have 20% tires, 30% engine, 50% metal, ect… Although, this isn’t really any different than a manufacturer. Maybe instead of having individual suppliers for each raw material, there could be just one supplier that supplies every raw material?

Adding a 3rd link to the chain could become super difficult to balance out retailers, manufacturers and suppliers. Especially if the raw materials were individualized, there would either be too many suppliers or not enough. Maybe have an information dialog in the sign-up process that shows the current number of retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers to help balance?

If there was only one Supplier type, this would probably be the most difficult business to own, but I also think it could showcase a players ability to plan strategically in a highly complex business setting. Managing that many materials would definitely be worth an Open Badge in my opinion :wink: