Mentorship Program (Or similar)

Maybe tied to bxp, maybe a special role on discord, or only given to trusted players in the community. Essentially some way mechanically for a more experienced player to teach a newer player fundamentals, give advice, help them along etc if the newer player wants it. Personally when I first joined GoVenture World I would have appreciated something like this.

On a slightly unrelated note, the discord seems to be relatively inactive most days, and doesn’t have a place for newer players to ask questions that I’m aware of

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Mentoring is a great idea and very helpful for everyone.

We had considered building a mentoring feature at one point but determined that it would be too complicated to maintain, and the reward system could also be exploited by bad actors.

So, we have not moved forward with it. We encourage players to post their interest in mentoring others or being mentored in the player community or in chat. Any player can also negotiate a fee for such a service.

Could it not be made an Unofficial thing on the discord using roles and such?

Players can certainly do something like that unofficially.

It’s difficult for us to get involved directly with any type of monitoring or rewards system because of the time it would take us away from our development tasks.

Tried putting out a direct mail campaign to reach out to new players and three or four replies have come back in the past 24 hours. Other players seem to be making similar efforts


That’s great :slight_smile: