Market Demand to Double in July 2018

In mid July 2018, the global market demand for AUTOMOBILES in every country will double.

The number of sales that each RETAIL SALESPERSON can make will also double from 1 to 2. This means that a Retailer with all salespeople working will be able to sell up to 10 cars each day GT instead of 5.

With Retail businesses able to sell more product and be more profitable, sales for Manufacturers will also increase and increase profits as well.

Here is why we are doing this:

  • We think it will improve the gameplay to be able to sell more products.

  • It will better balance the consumer profiles and how they make purchases.

  • The original number of maximum 5 cars sold per day GT by a Retail business (and 1 sale per salesperson) was established because it aligns reasonably closely with real-world automotive dealers. Authenticity is important in GoVenture World, so we always want to try to align closely with the real world where possible. But, we also need to balance that with good gameplay. Our BETA testing with helpful feedback from our player community has helped us better define where the line should be in terms of authenticity versus gameplay.

  • In case you are wondering why we are only doubling the numbers, instead of a higher multiple, our upcoming new business type (Smartphones) will be a higher-volume type business.

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I quite hope, the mfg’s can keep up with these sales and demands of retailers…

We are curious to see what happens too. But, if manufacturers can’t keep up with demand, two things may happen, just as they would in the real world:

(1) More manufacturing businesses will be started.

(2) Manufacturers will increase prices, thereby increasing their per-unit profitability while reducing the per-unit profit of Retailers.

It will be interesting to see how it all balances.


Loving this change. Simple but effective way to freshen up the game. I wouldn’t even mind a month long depression if it was announced this way with time to adjust (but this is better for player morale :sunglasses:)


Thanks for sharing Firey! Your earlier feedback contributed to us doing this.

In fact, your post here about the recession has me thinking about another idea. Maybe every once and a while we should let active players decide if they want the economy to change … and we let players VOTE … with each player getting as many VOTES equal to their Lifetime BXP. Players could vote for a short recession or short boom, etc. Have to put some more thinking into this.

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If there’s going to be a voting system to influence Market Demand, players should be provided the opportunity to take a small survey to see what their Consumer Preference is. To give an example:

How much would you pay for a 0/0 automobile?
a) x amount
b) y amount
c) z amount

The surveys could be daily, or maybe every time you log in. I feel a list of options set by the developers would prevent ridiculous bids. Maybe have 5 options so there’s a distinguishable low and high? Just a thought… I kinda like the idea of having in-game feedback.