Loans and buying cars not working

Hello, I asked for a loan 2 days ago and I accepted but never got it. I also bought some cars today at around 7:00 EST and it was supposed to take 2.5 days which is just around 12:30 EST but never got them. Please fix it in don’t wanna go bankrupt

In my opinion your main problem is your loan payments. I think that a loan should have manually transferred money when you have a continuous income. Loans have automatic payments so wether you transfer it or not money will be taken until the amount is paid. You have way to many transfers in my opinion for 6 loans. There is no point in taking a loan to pay for a loan and you have 1 whole RT month to pay it (1 year GT) so why rush? Hopefully this helps in the future.

I had to take out a loan or otherwise I would have gone bankrupt. I kind of had no choice

I’m saying your loan payments are part of the problem not the loan.


Also how did you know I have six loans out

I can view your profile lol